Duck Race

I was pleased to be asked by Hebden Bridge Visitor Centre to paint some ducks on cheeks as part of the annual Duck Race in Hebden Bridge.

Visitors to the centre could pay just £1 and get a “lucky duck” painted in honour of the race.

It was a fun couple of hour’s and great to see adults joining in too. 

I always get a curve ball thrown at me and this was no exception. I had a family wanting Green Ducks because they were supporting the Business Duck Race and had been told they were on the Green Team.

I happily obliged and the green ones looked quite cute, like little Orvilles. Whoops! Showing my age there folks!

Anyway, the weather held out, the usual crowd gathered and the Duck Race got under way.  A good afternoon was had by all. The Hebden Duck Race – yet another reason to visit my fab little town


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