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Bonfire at The Malthouse


I painted at a fun day for The Malthouse in Rishworth for a fun day back in summer so was delighted to be asked back last night to add some face painting fun to their Bonfire party.

It was a lovely atmosphere – Toffee Apples and real Yorkshire Parkin for sale, a kids disco, Bonfire and fabulous firework display.

The staff were rushed off their feet and worked incredibly hard but it was a very successful evening. I painted Butterflies, Tigers and Cheetahs as well as the kids below.img_20161104_204913

I really enjoyed it and got to see a few sneaky fireworks from the window too. Happy November 5th everyone!peace1

Free-hand Red Lace Mask

I love looking at the face painting groups on the internet, I learn so much that way and it’s a really good incentive to push out of my comfort zone. When I saw recently that a fellow painter had done a fantastic black lace mask, I decided I would have a go too, but in red.

img_20161104_093918I had never done anything as intricate as this without stencils and was very happy how it turned out.

It’s little things like knowing which red is the most vibrant that make it stand out. I have to say I am in love with this mask.  Isn’t it perfect for that special costume party, glam Halloween look or even Valentines day?

Sadly, I had no such occasion to wear it for, so sadly it all got washed off quite quickly. Still, I enjoyed feeling pretty for 10 minutes or so!img_20161029_192100

Work like this can take up to an hour because of the fine detail.  I am sure you will agree it was a real showstopper.

I welcome your thoughts.


Pre-Halloween Fever!

At the time of writing this post, I have two Halloween gigs coming up. I am very excited about both.

I have split any practice time between working on super creepy adult designs and quick, easy kid ones.

Below is a gruesome looking green goblin I created.img_20161008_070243

Faces like this can take a while (up to an hour) because of all the layering and blending needed for texture and shadows. The face has to be carefully sculpted and contoured.

What do you think?

I have also been working on a kids board for Halloween parties. I just wanted simple designs that are fun and not too scary for the little ones.

 If there’s anything you would like to see, let me know.peace1


Homemade fake blood

img_20160918_020719Most face painters love to buy new face painting products, and I am no exception.

Sometimes, however, I have to be all grown up, business-like and reign myself in a little. This week, after looking at the incomings and outgoings, I had to be a bit strict with myself and say “no more”. Which is a shame because there are so many Halloween products I wanted to try.

So there I was, feeling a bit sorry for myself when I had an idea. Why not make some fake blood myself!img_20160918_020743

Channelling my messy inner child, I raided the food cupboard and just played –  adding random food stuffs to my gloopy potion. The result, I think contained red food colouring, golden syrup and a bit of marmite.  I then added a little red face paint to brighten it up slightly.


This was the result – a bright, fresh looking blood, rather than the darker arterial blood effect. Pretty credible, I reckon.img_20160918_014431

Alot of fun to experiment with but rather sticky to apply to the skin.

Would love to know what you think.peace1

A party in Todmorden


It looked like the end of summer today as I trudged through the rain to reach a birthday party in Todmorden.

Luckily, I got a warm welcome at a little girl’s 4th birthday party. I painted birthday girl a cute Elsa style crown that matched her dress. She loved it.

There weren’t that many guests but that meant I could take my time and do some really pretty designs – like this one:IMG_20160903_152120

After a lovely couple of hours, it was back to waiting rain for me. peace1

A busy bank holiday


It was a very busy bank holiday weekend for Face Ace.

On Saturday, I attended a party in central Halifax, Sunday I was in Brighouse. Then on bank holiday Monday, off to Rishworth.

It all took a bit of planning, with me being a non driver and limited bank holiday public transport, but it was worth it to see all those happy painted faces.IMG_20160827_163708

I particularly enjoyed the event at Rishworth on the Monday.

It was a fun day at The Malthouse pub to raise money for a little girl with cancer.I had never been there before but was very impressed by the lovely pub, friendly staff and rear gardens bathed by glorious sunshine.

A lovely afternoon was had by all, money raised and lots of beautiful creative faces.peace1

Inspiration for Halloween


Halloween is one of the busiest times of the year for face painters. It’s also a really fun time as everyone starts practising new designs. I am no exception.

In this creation, I tried to make a sort of Gothic Woodland Sprite. Like a fairy but darker,more sinister.

I was really pleased with how it turned out and had fun playing with the various filters on my phone.IMG_20160820_091320

I feel really inspired at the moment, there’s so many new designs I want to try.

Watch this space!peace1

Festival Feathers

IMG_20160814_105512I was excited to be given a festival themed party yesterday in Fountain Head Village, Halifax.

I made this design board especially for the client, at no extra cost.


The feather design (middle left) proved the biggest hit with both sexes. I varied it and did different colour combinations, added glitter etc to personalise.

I love themes, they give me a focus, stretch me artistically and set the creative juices flowing.

So don’t just settle for the usual faces, give your party guests a bespoke face they will remember with Face Ace.


A plate and a famous pig

IMG_20160808_204843This weekend I painted at a birthday party for a one year old in Illingworth..

Sometimes people don’t consider a painter for such a little one but although the baby was too young to be painted, I was around for all the friends and family.  I painted flowers (above) and several Ninja Turtles before receiving an unusual request.

The child’s mother had organised a lovely cake, nice buffet etc and was determined her little girl was not left out of the face painting action. She had a novel suggestion. I was asked to paint Peppa Pig on to a paper plate!

Why? You may ask (I certainly did….)

It was actually a really sweet idea. Mum wanted her little one to have a memento of the day to put in her memory box for when she was older. With such a sentiment behind the request, how could I possibly say no?

All turned out well and the paper plate was certainly stiller than a moving child so it ws very easy to paint.

So, little birthday girl got something special to keep and all her friends and relatives got their face painted in her honour.


Bring on the Bling


It’s the height of festival season and I confess,  I have been bitten by the bling bug.

I know I am late to the party here folks, but like my diet coke habit, now I have started, I can’t bring myself to stop!

I have had regular glitter, gems and liquid sparkles on board at Face Ace since it began but I recently purchased some chunky glitter as I thought it would go down well with adults and older girl customers, and with me! 

For those of you not yet in the loop, chunky glitter is the funky, sophisticated older sister of regular face glitter. Celebrities and models are often seen sporting it everywhere from red carpet events to beach parties.

The particles in the product are not uniform in shape. Thus different looks can be created by layering to add texture or applying it beyond the face, into the hair for a really dramatic look.

Only cosmetic grade grade glitter should ever be used on the face. Cosmetic glitter is not made of metal and so if it goes in the eyes (care must be taken so it doesn’t), any damage is limited.

The only way to see what really works is to practice, so I had lots of fun this afternoon.  I tried a scattered, paint splattered, almost punk look.

The picture below shows the glitter in different lights to give you an idea of the sparkle factor.


I loved this look, and it made me so inspired to experiment more.

As usual, if there’s anything you would like to see, comment and let me know. peace1

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