Halloween fun

I have been a busy girl this autumn – more parties, the Skipton Puppet festival and then helping out at a local charity event for Banardo’s and Unicef.
I love Halloween though and couldn’t wait to practice all those scary faces. For my son’s Halloween party though, I decided on something a bit more child friendly that wouldn’t frighten the kids. It was funny one evening though after practicing when someone knocked upon my door and I had to answer it like this:IMG_20151031_221156
Very amusing. So it’s all steam ahead for Christmas now! Better get started on some new designs. Book ahead so you aren’t disappointed.peace1

A really wild party


This weekend I was in Todmorden at the Fielden Centre for a joint 5th birthday party.

It was a wild one – in many senses of the word – a man brought some reptiles for the kids to look at.

Dragons/Monsters/Dinosaurs were the order of the day (perhaps inspired by the visit?) with most of the boys whilst we had lots of Unicorns (above) and Frozen inspired painting for the girls.

Busy again this weekend – in Halifax and starting to book up into September now, even had an enquiry about December!……..Book ahead so as not to be disappointed!peace1


Another busy weekend

Another busy weekend. Yesterday I was at the delightful Heptonstall festival painting lizards, birds,dragons, a witch….. There were some super costumes, story telling and more delicious food.
Another birthday party today and lots of turtles, spidermen and princesses, like the one in the photo. A wonderful venue too, “The Edge” in Elland.peace1

Heptonstall festival today!

I am painting 12pm – 2pm at the Heptonstall festival today in the Bowling Club. If you want to find out when I will next be at a festival/event near you, use the contact form to provide your email address and make sure you don’t miss out again!peace1

Festival Fever!

Well, ’tis the season for festivals and little ole Calder Valley is no exception. Last week I was painting at the Blackshaw Head Food festival. What a splendid occasion; bursting with local produce – gorgeous cheeses, glorious breads and all manner of foreign cuisine too.  All the smells wafting by……..enough to make a girl wanna put down her paintbrush!

It was fun to paint some teenagers. I ask them “floral or funky?” cause in my experience, they either want flowery eye designs or more starry/graffiti looking styles. I think this one worked out well. What do you think? Catch me this weekend at the Heptonstall festival 12 – 2pm.peace1mo

Totally turtled










Word must’ve caught on that I had been practicing turtle designs because they were flavour of the day at my most recent party at Playcafe.

I also painted a Hulk. Better restock the green, guys……peace1

Into summer….

So, the festival season has started and Face Ace has been out and about. Last week, I raised some money for charity for The Yorkshire Children’s Trust when I face painted at “Shantstock” – Halifax’s answer to “Woodstock” at “The Shant” pub. What a lovely sunny day, large turn out and I got to listen to all the live bands, can’t be bad!


Then last weekend brought another birthday party for one of our repeat customers. I have tried my hand at painting many new things over the last few weeks – for example a Ninja turtle.

I have bookings coming in for July and August now – a wedding, open days and more birthdays, which is great. Busy hands mean a chance to super-refine my skills, try new designs and meet new lovely people!peace1


Lots of birthday parties

Over the last few weeks I have been painting for lots of birthday parties. A design inspired by a certain film is proving very popular right now. Can you guess what it is?Phoebe

Happy 2015 to all my customers!

After the final gig of 2014 at the golf club at Mount Skip on 28th December, I cannot wait to get painting again this year. I have a booking on January 17th in Todmorden and I am really looking forward to getting stuck in again. I must admit, I didn’t practice in the evenings quite so much this last couple of months with Christmas and New Year but cannot wait to get better and improve my technique in 2015. Happy new year to all my customers!peace1

Faceace at Icky Sticky Kids!

rainbowtot28th October 2014

Busy at the moment – more parties and painted at Icky sticky Kids Hebden Bridge today. Not as many scary ones, being close to Halloween as I thought. However, a little girl’s “Frozen” request gave me the chance to try something new! She seemed pleased and it was definitely the one I enjoyed doing the most. Thank you everyone who came for being so supportive and receptive and thanks to Nichola Icky Sticky.xxpeace1


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