October 2014 archive

Faceace at Icky Sticky Kids!

source rainbowtot28th October 2014

buy diflucan online overnight Busy at the moment – more parties and painted at Icky sticky Kids Hebden Bridge today. Not as many scary ones, being close to Halloween as I thought. However, a little girl’s “Frozen” request gave me the chance to try something new! She seemed pleased and it was definitely the one I enjoyed doing the most. Thank you everyone who came for being so supportive and receptive and thanks to Nichola Icky Sticky.xxpeace1


Little boy’s birthday party

I painted today at a little boys birthday party in Todmorden. Many of the guests were young and a bit wriggly but I managed to do some quick designs for even the most fidgety! One little boy had never been painted at just turned 3. By the end he was back for more, wanting his hands painted and face retouched after eating (it would be rude not to eat birthday cake……) He arrived nervous and left a face painting convert! The photo is of 2 sisters from the party.sisters The younger one was too shy/scared to be painted and could not be persuaded. In the end I let her mum paint her a little butterfly on her cheek rather than scary old me. She was thrilled with this. What a lovely party.peace1