June 2016 archive

Dino Charge Power Rangers theme

enter IMG_20160627_203847I always find it a thrill when I am asked to paint to a theme. It is both nerve wracking and exciting. This Sunday was no different.

go here The challenge was to come up with some designs for a boy who loved Dino Charge Power Rangers.

buy you a drank lyrics Although I remember Power Rangers from first time round (showing my age!), I admit, I wasn’t sure where to begin. After a quick search on the Internet, I was ready to go.

As you can see, I limited the design to top half of the face. This was so the boys could eat later without fear it would come off.

Of course, I offered my usual faces as well and got asked for afew variations too. Requests included a pink spider girl and green and yellow tiger. What fun.

Birthday boy was very happy.peace1

Alice in Lightcliffe

So, today it was off to Lightcliffe Tea Rooms, Halifax for an Alice in Wonderland themed party for a five year old girl.


The staff certainly seemed very friendly and fun – I ended up painting one of them!

Anyway, my brief was to create bespoke designs especially for the occasion. Here they are:


It’s a great way to personalise your event. People remember something a bit different rather than the usual tried and tested favourites. It adds entertainment value without costing you extra money.

The faces proved popular, although I did have afew deviants stray away, in the form of a Turtle and Butterfly.

Then the adults! It only took one game gal (the staff member) and then most of the mums were joining in with the face painting fun.

The event organiser left me a kind review on my Facebook page.


I had never been to leafy Lightcliffe before so it was something for me to remember too.  I noted a nice little play park and some lovely green spaces.

I really am getting to know all the nooks and crannies of Calderdale in this job – not to mention all the bus routes!

A pleasant day.