September 2016 archive

Homemade fake blood

enter img_20160918_020719Most face painters love to buy new face painting products, and I am no exception.

go to link Sometimes, however, I have to be all grown up, business-like and reign myself in a little. This week, after looking at the incomings and outgoings, I had to be a bit strict with myself and say “no more”. Which is a shame because there are so many Halloween products I wanted to try.

buy viagra cheapest So there I was, feeling a bit sorry for myself when I had an idea. Why not make some fake blood myself!img_20160918_020743

Channelling my messy inner child, I raided the food cupboard and just played –  adding random food stuffs to my gloopy potion. The result, I think contained red food colouring, golden syrup and a bit of marmite.  I then added a little red face paint to brighten it up slightly.


This was the result – a bright, fresh looking blood, rather than the darker arterial blood effect. Pretty credible, I reckon.img_20160918_014431

Alot of fun to experiment with but rather sticky to apply to the skin.

Would love to know what you think.peace1

A party in Todmorden


It looked like the end of summer today as I trudged through the rain to reach a birthday party in Todmorden.

Luckily, I got a warm welcome at a little girl’s 4th birthday party. I painted birthday girl a cute Elsa style crown that matched her dress. She loved it.

There weren’t that many guests but that meant I could take my time and do some really pretty designs – like this one:IMG_20160903_152120

After a lovely couple of hours, it was back to waiting rain for me. peace1

A busy bank holiday


It was a very busy bank holiday weekend for Face Ace.

On Saturday, I attended a party in central Halifax, Sunday I was in Brighouse. Then on bank holiday Monday, off to Rishworth.

It all took a bit of planning, with me being a non driver and limited bank holiday public transport, but it was worth it to see all those happy painted faces.IMG_20160827_163708

I particularly enjoyed the event at Rishworth on the Monday.

It was a fun day at The Malthouse pub to raise money for a little girl with cancer.I had never been there before but was very impressed by the lovely pub, friendly staff and rear gardens bathed by glorious sunshine.

A lovely afternoon was had by all, money raised and lots of beautiful creative faces.peace1