Price Increase as of September

buy tadalafil with priligy Hi Face Acers

buy female viagra canada I have decided that as of September, prices will rise to £70. This is for afew reasons. I will explain.

1) Skill

I am learning all the time and getting better at this. Like any job, you expect to be rewarded for time spent improving. Except I don’t have a boss so I have to decide. If you don’t think I am good value compared to other local painters, I am sure you will vote with your feet and not hire me.

2) Other Painters

I don’t want to undercut other people and £70 is the going rate around here for 2 hours. Some painters have told me that they think I am doing this. I value the art of Face Painting and value the Face Painting Community so the last thing I want to do is annoy them.

3) increase in my materials and general cost of living.

I noticed recently that the splicakes I used to pay £12.99 for are now £13.99 plus postage! Yes, costs have increased for my materials sadly. Also the general cost of living has increased, as I am sure you are only too aware.

So that’s it folks. Any bookings made now at the lower price will still be honoured at the old rate.

Thanks for continuing to support this ,#calderdalebusiness

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