June 2018 archive

Crossley Mill 20th birthday

buy clomid online next day delivery I love my regulars and was pleased to return to Crossley Mill this year to be part of their 20th birthday celebration. #CrossleyMillNursey is a well respected local Nursery in Hebden Bridge with a fab local reputation. It’s easy to see why when you meet the warm, friendly staff and see the great relationships they foster with the parents.

follow One reason I like painting there is there are so many local kids and parents I know. I end up having lovely on the job chats and catching up with people.

viagra pfizer buy online A lot of little girls and sometimes boys are going for Unicorn designs at the moment so I was pleased that this little one went for something a bit different. Good on her.

Skulls are always a hit, Halloween or not. Luckily this skull is super quick so I can keep ’em coming. Little brother wanted something too and this Bat design is another quickie for little wrigglers.

So, another wonderful afternoon in the #Caldervalley sunshine.




Themed MLP board

This weekend I was thrilled to be asked to create a themed MLP board for a little one’s birthday party.

I admit, I had to Google the individual characters as back in the 1980’s when I was a fan, they were completely different. Does anyone remember Cotton Candy and Bubbles? I had a lilac one too but can’t remember it’s name.

So I can’t wait to try these fab designs out tomorrow on real people. Hope they love them as much as I do.

Garden Parties!

We have been having some fabulous weather recently (touch wood!) and yesterday I had the pleasure of painting in not one but two lovely gardens!

First of all, I was painting in Greetland. Its a stunning area of #Calderdale and it is always a pleasure to visit. I took my son camping there a couple of years ago and I adore the woodland and open spaces. It was an eight year old girl’s birthday party.

Eight year olds are sooooo sophisticated these days; apart from myself activities included getting their nails done and a very civilised looking picnic! Oh – and for anyone who missed the memo (like me!) “The Greatest Showman” is  THE movie of the moment!

Next up was Mytholmroyd – up by #ScoutRoadSchool. Again in the garden. Magnificent views once again.Younger children at this celebration and all but one, wanted to be a flower fairy.

No photos but they all looked so cute. Woke up this morning to two fantastic reviews from both customers.

It was wonderful to not have to forfeit the lovely weather in order to go to work. Love my job!