Crossley Mill 20th birthday

I love my regulars and was pleased to return to Crossley Mill this year to be part of their 20th birthday celebration. #CrossleyMillNursey is a well respected local Nursery in Hebden Bridge with a fab local reputation. It’s easy to see why when you meet the warm, friendly staff and see the great relationships they foster with the parents.

One reason I like painting there is there are so many local kids and parents I know. I end up having lovely on the job chats and catching up with people.

A lot of little girls and sometimes boys are going for Unicorn designs at the moment so I was pleased that this little one went for something a bit different. Good on her.

Skulls are always a hit, Halloween or not. Luckily this skull is super quick so I can keep ’em coming. Little brother wanted something too and this Bat design is another quickie for little wrigglers.

So, another wonderful afternoon in the #Caldervalley sunshine.




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