Heptonstall Festival 2019

By the time the Heptonstall festival contacted me last year, I was fully booked.

This year though, I was back with a vengeance!

I was on a roll from all the recent gigs, plus I was working with a lovely face painting friend.

For a small village, Heptonstall festival packs a punch. Local bands, story telling and craft tents as well as amazing street food and – of course – wonderful Face Ace face painting and glitter!mermaid Heptonstall Festival

The two of us worked like demons in the sun but it was such fun to be a part of such a fabulous event again. Many of the families visiting the festival know me from parties they’ve had, previous festivals etc. A pleasure to see them back at Heptonstall Festival year after year – usually with more kids in tow!

I was inspired by the glorious July weather so had lots of fun with shimmery copper, bronze and gold. That week I had just had some new chunky glitter delivered too so what an amazing way to show it off! Heptonstall Festival Face PaintingSee you next year Heptonstall!peace and glitter


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