I like it best on repeat!

purple roses

I just could NOT work it out the other day when I got a missed call and my phone flashed up a date. When I log my jobs, I always enter the name of the customer and date of my event with them. For example I may put  “Sarah, 10th November”.

My phone was flashing “*HER NAME* 14th October” and I was like – dang! -but i DON’T have a gig then!

I spent a couple of crazy hours trying to play detective and I am pleased to say all was well in the end!

This client was listed in my phone from her birthday party booking LAST YEAR.

Better still, she was calling to RE-BOOK my face painting!

How AWESOME was that!

So this afternoon, I’m getting busy with brushes making her an amazing design board, ready to wow her guests in Highroad Well, Halifax tomorrow!

I feel so lucky to have so many returning clients.

Like all the best songs, it’s always better on repeat! 😉peace and glitter

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