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I am writing this as:

1)A small business owner
2) Someone who knows alot of other self employed people/small business owners in #Calderdale
3)A discerning customer myself

Maybe you are the sort of person who never leaves a review or maybe you always leave one. I thought I would share with you how important reviews are to small businesses.

Good Service?

If you have had good service then letting everyone know via Facebook or other review sites, is a great way to help a business. As long as you have experienced the services of the business then you can give a valid review. Been a customer afew times? You can write another review then.

We all know reviews can be fake so when we see a review from a friend, work colleague or even an acquaintance, it has more accountability. It brings the service to life and that review is trusted. A good review attracts more customers, attracting more good reviews and on it goes. Customers are how businesses survive so by writing that review, you are contributing to it thriving. If it’s a business you like and want it to continue it’s a no brainer to help it out. Still, it’s a big responsibility!

Stuck for time? Just a simple “fantastic job, would use again” is super helpful but if you can elaborate on your experience, all the better! What sets it apart from others? Would you use again and why? Where they easy to contact, did they keep you informed? Details will convey those extra touches customers value so much.

Bad Service?

So……if you have bad service should you write a bad review?

It’s up to you after all as the customer, you have the absolute right to. Personally with small businesses I would always try and resolve things first because a bad review could be catastrophic for a small business to shoulder. Think how you would feel if someone wrote you off without giving you a chance to put things right? If you do try to sort it out and you get a poor response then it’s fair game I reckon. I would always write the review next day, especially if you are a bit hotheaded and tend to overreact (guilty as charged there!) I had a bad experience with a holiday recently and was going to do a bad review. After sleeping on it, I realised, yes some things were bad but they got some stuff right too. Fair is fair. If you do decide to slate them, instead of just saying what they got wrong, be constructive. How could they have got it right? Could they improve?

When you read reviews from people you don’t know, always question if they are friends of the business owner or genuine customers. They may be both. How many other reviews has that person written? Have they a hidden motive when writing a good or bad review?

Remember if you do a review and then decide you have been too kind or too mean then you can always remove it.

Happy reviewing


Rainbow Tigers!

I love these Rainbow Tigers!

Recently I have done lots of these Tigers at busy events. They are alot quicker than they look and do bright and beautiful.

Don’t forget, I put lots more of my work on my Facebook page so please “like” the page to keep up to date and maybe grab a special offer….

Here’s the page


Hello again Elland!

It’s been a busy summer and it’s not over yet!

On Saturday, I was back in Elland courtesy of Elland District Partnership. I have done afew events for them now and they are always very friendly and community minded. I really look forward to working there. I took another local face painter along too this time. It’s nice to get along with people and I feel lucky to know so many other wonderful face painters. Always handy when an event requires more than one.

The event was celebrating 700 years of Elland being a town so there were lots of activities for children as well as lots of yummy food stalls. I was sandwiched between a Mexican and Pancake stall. Lots of tasty aromas wafting my way all day.

Then on Sunday it was off to a birthday party in Siddal, Halifax. Again a friendly, laid back affair and birthday boy was such a little cutie. This cupcake design looked so cute on this little guest but she wouldn’t let me take a proper picture. She kept turning her head to the side. So sweet though!

That’s all for now Face Acers. Have a great summer.

Price Increase as of September

Hi Face Acers

I have decided that as of September, prices will rise to £70. This is for afew reasons. I will explain.

1) Skill

I am learning all the time and getting better at this. Like any job, you expect to be rewarded for time spent improving. Except I don’t have a boss so I have to decide. If you don’t think I am good value compared to other local painters, I am sure you will vote with your feet and not hire me.

2) Other Painters

I don’t want to undercut other people and £70 is the going rate around here for 2 hours. Some painters have told me that they think I am doing this. I value the art of Face Painting and value the Face Painting Community so the last thing I want to do is annoy them.

3) increase in my materials and general cost of living.

I noticed recently that the splicakes I used to pay £12.99 for are now £13.99 plus postage! Yes, costs have increased for my materials sadly. Also the general cost of living has increased, as I am sure you are only too aware.

So that’s it folks. Any bookings made now at the lower price will still be honoured at the old rate.

Thanks for continuing to support this ,#calderdalebusiness

Shantstock again

This was a self paint I did during a quiet spell yesterday at #Shantstock. It’s an annual fun day at The Shant pub in Holmfield, Halifax to raise money for The Yorkshire Children’s Trust.

I have attended since it’s inception 3 years ago. It’s an event I really look forward to because the atmosphere is fabulous. Bands playing, families having fun and they always seem to get the sun too!

You can see my stall here. I tried to put my banner up but I have little patience and ended up taping it on with duct tape!

Here are afew of the designs I created.It was mainly girls but I did get to paint afew boys too.  I am enjoying trying out a new more intricate butterfly. I really like the way it’s working and it seems popular.

Festival Season!

This weekend gone was a busy one for me. It started and ended with a birthday party, with a festival in the middle.

Both parties were extremely busy, I did not come up for air! The second of the parties was a repeat customer for me. That is always a special thing. I never take custom for granted. There are so many face painters around so it is so lovely to be reselected.

The festival was the Hebden Bridge Folk Roots Festival. As part of the event, they were allocated funding for Children’s activities. It was a real pleasure to be involved. The bright rainbow Tigers and Leopards were very popular, as you can see.

It was the first time I had displayed my new board too. I think it looked really professional. How about you?

Well, it’s time I got practicing for the next Festival – Heptonstall this weekend. By the way, if you have ever wondered why sometimes Face Painters charge the amounts they do -or not at all – at festivals, read my post in Facebook about it here.

See you there!

Back at The Malthouse

It’s nice to have repeat customers. It’s a great sign that people like what I am doing and happy with the overall service.

I have painted at The Malthouse in Rishworth quite afew times now.

It’s a lovely family pub and when it’s Easter, Bonfire night etc they usually put on some good family entertainment ie bouncy castle, Magician etc

Often the families I end up painting are repeat customers too so I feel like I am getting to know them a little.

On May Day I painted lots of fun flowery designs like the one below.

I also painted plenty of Flower Fairies, Tigers, Spider man and even a rabbit.

A great way to spend a bank holiday afternoon. Hope to be back there again soon.

Duck Race

I was pleased to be asked by Hebden Bridge Visitor Centre to paint some ducks on cheeks as part of the annual Duck Race in Hebden Bridge.

Visitors to the centre could pay just £1 and get a “lucky duck” painted in honour of the race.

It was a fun couple of hour’s and great to see adults joining in too. 

I always get a curve ball thrown at me and this was no exception. I had a family wanting Green Ducks because they were supporting the Business Duck Race and had been told they were on the Green Team.

I happily obliged and the green ones looked quite cute, like little Orvilles. Whoops! Showing my age there folks!

Anyway, the weather held out, the usual crowd gathered and the Duck Race got under way.  A good afternoon was had by all. The Hebden Duck Race – yet another reason to visit my fab little town


Wedding at Barkisland

I had the pleasure of Face Painting at a Wedding Reception last night. It was fun to do so many sparkly eye designs like the one below which proved a big hit.

It’s hard to appreciate just how glittery these look in real life but they are so beautiful.

I had been placed (by the bar staff) in quite a dark bar which was a little challenging for me but I think everyone was happy with my designs. 


Outdoor Events

Are you planning on hosting an Outdoor Event this year? Maybe you just want to host a birthday gathering outside or perhaps you are responsible for a small festival or fundraiser. Whatever the situation, there is a lot more to consider than you may think! I recently wrote a post about it on my Facebook Page. Find it here and other posts too.

Hope you find these tips useful. If you do, don’t forget to like my page.



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