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Little boy’s birthday party

I painted today at a little boys birthday party in Todmorden. Many of the guests were young and a bit wriggly but I managed to do some quick designs for even the most fidgety! One little boy had never been painted at just turned 3. By the end he was back for more, wanting his hands painted and face retouched after eating (it would be rude not to eat birthday cake……) He arrived nervous and left a face painting convert! The photo is of 2 sisters from the party.sisters The younger one was too shy/scared to be painted and could not be persuaded. In the end I let her mum paint her a little butterfly on her cheek rather than scary old me. She was thrilled with this. What a lovely party.peace1

Hebden Happy Hounds

Hello everyone. I face painted in Calder Holmes Park for Hebden Royd Town Council’s annual “Happy Hounds” day. It was a fun event promoting responsible dog ownership. The weather stayed dry and I got to watch the pretty pooches on parade between painting, as well as meeting another face painter who was very nice.


Dog designs were very popular, not surprisingly. I did get to be a bit creative too, painting sunsets. sunset1 framed smallWhat a lovely local event.peace1



Free Face Painting this Thursday!

I will be face painting at the “Happy Hounds” event on Thursday in Calder Holmes Park. It’s 12 – 3pm Thursday 14th August.
It’s rain or shine and they’ve told me there is a gazebo! Best of all the face painting will be FREE to everyone! I think there is someone else painting too so there shouldn’t be much waiting aroundpeace1

Face painting for a Christening

If you thought face painting was just for birthdays, think again – it is a great means of entertainment at a Wedding reception or like I did today, at a Christening at “The Fleece” in Ripponden.

The adults could eat their food in peace whilst the children were painted. Lots of adults also came over for a little butterfly on their hand or a flower and a dash of glitter.peace1


Face Painting at The Mill

If you haven’t been to “The Mill” yet, it’s something a bit different with a big sandpit, trampoline etc, check out the website, it’s near “The Shay”.
Finally got a few pics of boys for my website. Thought these were cute ones. Most of the boys wanted world cup flags – surprise, surprise!
The kids were funny. Two little boys wanted me to paint eye masks on so they “could play robbers and pretend to get caught and have pepper spray on them”. Sweet. I was glad to be out of the intense heat and very much enjoyed my Slush drink.peace1


Tour de France Fever!

Hello everyone. I face painted at the Tour de France today as it passed through Hebden Bridge.
I was near the benches/phone boxes by Jules pot shop – close to all the action! What a day it was for Calderdale! I painted lots of fun cheek doodles – yellow bikes, Yorkshire roses, French flags and spotted jerseys. The designs were popular with adults and children alike at an affordable £1 or £1.50 for 2.It was a glorious, sunny day with a huge turn out. A big thank you to everyone who came to see me, hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did, there was a real sense of occasion and buzzing atmosphere.peace1

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