Proud to be part of Calderdale Pride!

I was delighted to be a part of some of the #CalderdalePride2019 celebrations in Halifax today!

It combined two things that bring me joy.

1) Supporting and celebrating inclusion and LGBT+ rights

2) Painting hearts and rainbows.

What could be better?

peace and glitter

Continuous Improvement!

You may think that a few years into this now and I should be resting on my laurels, coasting along…… Not at all!

One of the things I still do regularly is PRACTICE!

I am always trying to get better- by watching tutorials, getting tips from others and just getting my brushes out whenever I can.

I have a stencil for leopard print but have never been totally happy with the look it gave. Recently, I’ve been working on my freehand leopard  print as the design is always a winner.

What do you think?

I reckon it would be a sure-fire hit at a hen-do with a dash of glitter!

peace and glitter

Heptonstall Festival 2019

By the time the Heptonstall festival contacted me last year, I was fully booked.

This year though, I was back with a vengeance!

I was on a roll from all the recent gigs, plus I was working with a lovely face painting friend.

For a small village, Heptonstall festival packs a punch. Local bands, story telling and craft tents as well as amazing street food and – of course – wonderful Face Ace face painting and glitter!mermaid Heptonstall Festival

The two of us worked like demons in the sun but it was such fun to be a part of such a fabulous event again. Many of the families visiting the festival know me from parties they’ve had, previous festivals etc. A pleasure to see them back at Heptonstall Festival year after year – usually with more kids in tow!

I was inspired by the glorious July weather so had lots of fun with shimmery copper, bronze and gold. That week I had just had some new chunky glitter delivered too so what an amazing way to show it off! Heptonstall Festival Face PaintingSee you next year Heptonstall!peace and glitter


A busy weekend

June and July are always the busiest face painting months.

This weekend I had 3 events. First, I was at Fountainhead Village in Halifax for a 6th birthday party. It was a scorcher in a pub garden and I was kept very busy – mainly with requests for mermaid faces!

That evening, no rest for me – off to an address near Shibden for a 40th birthday. This time I was to provide festival glitter designs. I brought my new sign to make sure I got some attention. What do you think?It was very popular. Here is my favourite from that evening – an awesome aqua extravaganza!

It was a lovely occasion – basking in the late June sunshine, making people happy and being part of a fun celebration with a friendly crowd.


Then finally on Sunday I was off to Northowram to a repeat customer. This customer always makes such an effort with parties and outfits.  I felt proud to be a part of the celebration for the little girl’s 4th birthday. Don’t they look fabulous?So, it was a wonderful weekend for Face Ace- and now, I am resting my back ready for next weekend at #Heptonstall festival!peace and glitter



Summer again already!

OK- admit it!  I haven’t been the best at updating this website recently. However I have been very busy. June and July are always my busiest months. It’s a combination of the usual birthday parties that come up all year round and then the additional public events that summertime brings.Glitter face ace

Much of my work has been in Greetland/Stainland recently like this lovely glitter picture. I love it up there because it’s so rural and green. Bus connections aren’t great but it’s worth going there for how pretty it is. Lovely people too.

This weekend I was back in Hebden Bridge at #kidsfest  The board below was my offering to complement their circus themeI was happy someone chose this design as it was my favourite. I have been painting this little girl since she was tiny. 

Still lots coming up – a princess party this weekend then 2 school leaving do’s very soon too!

Happy New Year Face Acers!

Well everyone, it’s been a busy few weeks as you can imagine. I had some interesting gigs for sure.

I love Christmas face painting. It inspires me to think of a new board and each year it gets a bit better as I hone my skills. Here’s this years.

Of course there are designs that will come out every year like my popular reindeer or Santa but there are new ones appearing like this cute Snow bear! Doesn’t she look adorable?

I also found out my son makes an absolutely awesome Grinch. Check him out!I hope that 2019 brings you all you dream of and hopefully see you around soon.xxpeace and glitter


Halloween Confetti Skull

So this what I came up with for Halloween 2018

Skull design face painting

I wanted something a bit fun rather than scary.

There was no “design” in mind, I just free styled. It’s better to do that sometimes instead of trying to copy others. Aside from there being less pressure, you get back in touch with your innate creativity.

I christened it “Confetti skull” as that’s what it reminded me of with all the little colourful pieces. Really vibrant.Face Ace Face Painting

I topped  it off with a fun red wig – oh -and my cosy jammies! Lol! 😉


You can find more of my Halloween designs and other fab faces on my instagram page here

Hope you all had a great Halloween!


Painting in a Care Home!

I recently painted in a care home!

I was bit unsure what to expect to be honest. I was also a bit nervous because the older skin is, the harder it is to paint because of the lack of elasticity and dryness. It can feel like you are dragging the skin sometimes. Still, I wanted to make sure everyone had a good time so I planned for designs that wouldn’t need much line work to minimise any “dragging”.

I also took my #superstarfacepaints because from experience I find those the creamiest to work with, they seem very hydrated so thought they would work better on older skin. As it turned out, the people that wanted painting were all spring chickens anyway! It was a fun day and it was relatives of the residents I painted. Here are a couple of kitty cuties.

I was unsure what to expect in the home itself – the media likes to give lots of bad press to the poor ones but this care home – #Eaglecarehome – seemed lovely. I got such a warm, homely vibe from there and the residents seemed settled and happy. Another wonderful face painting day!

Teamwork is where it’s at

There are quite afew face painters locally and although I suppose we are rivals, I believe it’s better for everyone if you can get along with people. It actually benefits our businesses as we can pass work to each other/cover if sick etc

One of my local Face Painting friends is Alison Lee of Paint me Parties. Last year I painted the #Calderdalecollege Freshers fair alone but it was soooo busy. I was so pleased to have Alison accompany me this time.

We were both a bit nervous painting alongside each other – there’s always that niggling thought are they all going to want her designs and not mine, will they all be in her queue?”

But Alison and I are similar ability and it was all good, – neither of us felt like that in the end. We were both kept very busy.

Here’s one of my favourite pictures from the event.As usual it was an awesome event and i loved creating lots of festival style faces in #Halifax.


End of Summer

After a busy summer, it’s finally the end of August. I spent Saturday at #Westgatearcade painting the public as part of their #SuperSummerSaturdays in Halifax. It was nice to just have people come over mid shop and grab a fun face paint. I was next to the musician and it was a very pleasant way to spend an afternoon. Unicorns were very popular as usual at the moment.

On Sunday i was over at a christening in #Greetland. They were a lovely crowd and one little girl ended up with arms and a leg painted as well as the face. The adults joined in too, going for chunky glitter eye designs.

I didn’t work on bank holiday Monday but as normally happens on bank holidays, it rained!

I have a good few gigs booked for Autumn so can’t see It to update you about how those go.


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