buy propecia in malaysia Face Ace Face Painting FAQS

Which products do you use?

buy Proscalpin without rx All my paints are high-quality Snazaroo, TAG, Grimas or Diamond FX water-based face paints, which are kind to skin and wash off easily. I use a selection of specialist brushes and sponges including Mark Reid and Loew Cornell, and if requested, a sprinkle of iridescent glitter!

I had a cheaper quote. Can you match?

buy real propecia Rates are non negotiable except for day events. Contact me if this is what you require. Remember, you get what you pay for. You will find both cheaper and more expensive painters.  When I started painting, I charged £35 for 2 hours but I had a small kit, very limited designs and was alot slower.

If you consider another painter/business, ensure you see their work, ponder their credentials and reliability and always enquire about insurance.

Are you insured?
What if you are ill?

So far I have never had to cancel an event but I am human and do get sick. I do know other local painters and will do my best to try and secure a replacement for you at a similar price. I will give you as much notice as I can.

Are you DBS (formerly CRB) checked?

Yes – I do hold an up to date enhanced DBS check although i should point out, this is in connection with another job role and is not legally required for face painting as you shouldn’t be leaving your child alone with a face painter. As such they do not fall into the category of eligible positions. For more information, see the government website here

How far will you travel for an event?

I live in Hebden Bridge and £70 for 2 hours is the fee for me to attend events within Hebden Bridge and Calder Valley. The bulk of my facepainting is in Halifax and the surrounding area, but I have attended events as far afield as Rochdale and Nelson.

If you live outside of this area, I will consider attending an event if my increased travel costs are compensated for. Please contact me for further details if this is an issue.  

Do the face paints wash off easily?

All of my paints are completely washable. In my experience, black and sometimes red and green tend to be the most stubborn but they still come off with soap and warm water. As the paints I use are water-based, they should also wash out off clothes completely.

Can anyone have their face painted?

I would not recommend a full face painting for children under three years of age. For younger siblings who are a bit more squirmy but don’t want to feel excluded, I can do small hand or cheek designs. I recommend testing a patch of skin if someone has never been painted before, and unfortunately I cannot paint children with contagious conditions such an eye infection. I specialise in painting children but face painting is fun for everyone, young or old.

Why should I choose you?

I am a reliable and competent face painter. My background in childcare and being a mum means that I understand that kids want a friendly, patient painter who shares their enthusiasm for designs. I want to fire imagination whilst putting children at ease.

My clients look for reasonable rates, speed and someone who won’t let them down on a special occasion. I can tailor my painting to whatever your event requires, and am able to work within a theme, for example a princess theme, superheroes or Halloween.

If you book me, you will be hiring someone truly passionate about face painting. I frequently scour the internet looking for new ideas and designs, as well as creating my own. I love watching online tutorials and learning more.

Did I mention I have fabulous online reviews?.

How good are you?

There are many levels of face painting from the amateur to a professional body art specialist. Please use my gallery as an indication of my competency. I do not purport to be at the magnificent level of some painters you can find on the internet but then again I do not charge their very expensive rates.

I am aiming my business at parents who want to find a decent, reliable, reasonably priced painter for events such as birthdays. I feel £70 for 2 hours is a fair price for my ability, range of products and experience.

My charge includes everything -setting up and clearing away time as well as my travel costs. I also have to replace materials and allow for administrative, insurance and website overheads.

How many people can you paint in an hour?

It depends on the design, some are trickier than others but on average around 14 faces within an hour. If time is limited, faces can be simplified to speed them up. This is usually preferable to having someone go away unpainted and unhappy. I want all my customers to be happy ones and would much rather stay on a bit longer – unpaid if need be – to ensure everyone is painted.

I am only having a small kids party, will I get my money’s worth?

If there is still time left when I have face painted the guests, they are free to come back for hand doodles or retouches or I could do a bit of cheek art on the adults if wanted. The kids could even wash it off and we could do another design if they wanted. You have paid for my time, it’s all fine.

Do you do Glitter Tattoos?

Currently I do not offer Glitter Tattoos however I do chunky, festival style glitter at no extra cost, should you want me to include that.

Why should I pick you when another painter offers glitter tattoos/balloon twisting as well?

No matter what additional skills a painter has, they only have one pair of hands so can only do one thing at a time. Unless you are hosting an event with very small numbers there will not be time for everything. You will either end up with not all the kids painted, paying for extra time or paying for two entertainers.

Will you attend an event where the people pay you direct per face? (known as pay per face)

Probably not. Although there may be a high volume of people attending your event, these things are often hard to predict and affected by weather. I may agree to do such an event in rare circumstances if a retainer fee is offered.

Can you do an event for free/for charity? You will get lots of exposure.

I am afraid not. This is the way I pay my bills and time away from paid work is lost earnings for me. Face Painters usually only work weekends so opportunities for work are limited. I do offer a reduced rate of £60 for 2 hours for charities. See this post

What should I provide on the day?

I need a well lit area, preferably in a corner or away from a main walkway, access to water, a small table and a couple of chairs. It can be indoors or outdoors, weather permitting! That’s it – I provide everything else. If you cannot meet these requirements, contact me anyway and we will see what we can work out.

Do you provide any other services?

I am primarily a face painter but if you have further requirements, let me know.
It may be that I can network with others to fulfil your request. I have years of experience of both working with children and living in Calderdale. This means I have local contacts in the world of arts, entertainment, catering, child care etc. If I cannot do it myself, I probably know someone who can! I aim to please.

What methods of payment do you accept?

Cash, BACS, personal cheque and Paypal. I expect payment no later than the event.  A £5 processing fee applies for cheques. Larger events/corporate events can be paid by BACS if preferred.

You sound very busy. My event is last minute, is it worth contacting you?

Booking ahead is recommended but sometimes I have gaps in my schedule so it is worth asking. I know other local painters too so if I can’t help you, perhaps I can pass you on to someone who can.

Is it hygienic?

I use clean sponges and regularly wash my brushes thoroughly. My Nursery Nurse background means I am very mindful of contamination issues and would not paint someone if they showed signs of a contagious infection. I am also concerned about safety and use only cosmetic grade glitter.

How do you cope with larger events?

Face painters are a friendly bunch and I know other painters in the local area. Therefore, rest assured that if it is for a larger event, I will network with other trusted painters to complete a group booking.

Anything else I need to know?

I would appreciate it if adults ensure that children are presented in a relatively clean condition. Dirty faces will affect the outcome of the painting – it may not last as long or look as attractive.
I think that’s all you need to know but if you think of anything else, please feel free to contact me and I will get back to you as soon as possible.  You can phone, text, email or Facebook message me.

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