Top Tips for Ace Faces!

Get the most from your Face Ace visit!

1) Tell all parents coming to the event that there will be a face painter and gain permission.

2) Have other activities going on so there is a steady flow rather than a stampede for the painter at the beginning/end.

3) If there are any allergies, possible issues of something contagious (ie impetigo, headlice), let the face painter know.

4) Serve food before painting so the design doesn’t get smeared.

5) Let guests know that they don’t have to have a face paint – they can have arms or just a cheek design instead. To some little ones, it can be a scary prospect.

6) If you have a particular expectation – ie you want themed faces, let the painter know before hand. Painters plan designs.

7) Ensure the face painting work space is in a well lit, comfortable place away from a high traffic area. Also consider where other entertainers may be and how this may affect things.

8) Tell people when the face painter is leaving so no-one is left unexpectedly without a face paint.

9) Let the painter know where to find the bathroom/a water source. Discuss beforehand if there isn’t one.

10) If the painting will take place in a venue other than your home, let the venue know in advance so they can accommodate this.

11) Keep children away from the kit. Materials are expensive and easily damaged.

12) Please refrain from showing kids their painting until the end. The mirror moment is eagerly anticipated and it is much nicer to save it until the design is complete.