Behind the scenes

The work you don’t see……

You may wonder why hiring a Face Painter costs what it does.

Face painters can only really earn any money at weekends and bank holidays – the times most people prize as being their time with partners and families


Who would book a Face Painter for a wet Tuesday afternoon in Halifax?

So, one reason why the rates have to be what they are is to keep the business commercially viable.  That doesn’t mean we just work a few hours on a weekend though!

As well as time/overheads for admin, book keeping, insurance, web hosting costs, travel costs and advertising, here are a couple of other things you may not have considered.

Cleaning up

After I arrive home from a face painting gig, the first thing I do (ok, sometimes I have a coffee first…..) is get out all the paints, brushes, stencils and sponges.


It’s not dirty water, it’s painted water!

They all have to be thoroughly cleaned, which takes a good hour or so.  I use a special soap to remove the excess paint.

Thankfully, my son loves this job! He usually does sponges whilst I attend to the (more delicate) brushes. Then the sponges all go in the washing machine for phase two.

Professional Products

We’ve all been in the discount stores and seen those little face painting palettes  for £1. Unfortunately the cheap products are not only poor performance but they are made with cheap ingredients and more likely to result in skin reactions.

A reputable painter will shop at the specialist face and body art shops.

One single pot of decent paint meeting all EU regulations can cost as much as £15.99 plus postage! The premium brands are worth it though for a professional result. The outlay for these kind of specialist products means that it must be reflected in prices.

Time spent practising

Did you ever notice how a great face painter makes designs seem effortless?

However this isn’t because it is effortless – the opposite is true. A reputable face painter puts lots of time into improving and Here at Face Ace, the creative juices are always flowing.

I  love to expand my kit with new paints, glitter and gems.

I also watch online tutorials and share tips with fellow painters.

Many evenings are spent planning new designs, honing my craft and having fun experimenting with new creations..

I have to say though, nothing is quite the same as real skin. You can often find me daubing my own arms, legs or face.IMG_20151113_193921

I never rest on my laurels because that way, you get a tried and tested design on your special day.